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Physical Therapy/Rehab

Sport-Specific Rehabilitation

Omaha Physical Therapy Institute, PC (OPTI) brings something different and better to physical therapy in the Omaha area--- highly skilled and personalized one-on-one care that works!  We are only satisfied if our patients are satisfied.  Whether patients have had surgery, or are experiencing a sports injury, back pain, joint pain, or are looking for a customized wellness program, OPTI can help.

It’s Simple:  We provide the healthcare that you deserve.  The time and attention we give our patients is unmatched in the area.  You will not receive better care anywhere else!
OPTI guarantees results…if you are not satisfied, neither are we.
OPTI’s A.I.M. Rehabilitation Program includes:
  • Fundamental sport-specific skills retraining

  • Proprioception training to improve body awareness

  • Sport-specific drills

  • Instruction on exercises that can decrease the risk for injury/re-injury

  • Customized recovery plan to transition into top speed, power, and agility

  • Advanced strengthening and plyometrics

  • Surface specific training at OPTI’s secondary location inside the Omaha Sports Complex (turf field), outside grass fields, basketball/volleyball courts, gyms, and ice rinks

*OPTI has a secondary clinic inside of the Omaha Sports Complex!  In addition to the office space at the Omaha Sports Complex, the physical therapists at OPTI have access to the field turf which allows athletes to experience sport-specific rehab on a turf surface for the Athletes In Motion (A.I.M.) program OPTI offers!



144TH & Dodge
(625 North 144TH Ave, Suite 102)


14706 Giles Road

(Located inside the Omaha Sports Complex)



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