In an effort to protect the athletes and allow the game to continue, the following rules are in effect:

**LIMITED SPECTATORS for some events will be allowed, check with event organizer for details. NO SPECATORS permitted during training.

**Masks are required for entry and must be worn at all times not actively participating on the field, including when subbed out of a game.

**If you are experiencing symptoms, stay home.

**Maintain distance between yourself and others.

**Entry/Exit points are through specific doors, depending on which field you are playing.

Door 1--Main entrance doors, main exit doors at front of building (Southwest)

Door 2--Rear Northwest doors

Door 3--Back side Northeast doors (near cornfield)

Door 4--Front side Southeast doors (near cornfield)


       Field 1—Use Door 1 or Door 2

       Field 2—Use Door 3 or Door 4



       Field A1 & B1 and A/V room—Door 1

       Field A2 & Warren Academy—Door 2

       Field B2 & C2—Door 3

       Field C1—Door 4


Please be sure to follow Entrance/Exit signage on doors.


With the health & safety of our athletes and staff in mind, masks are required upon entry and exit of Omaha Sports Complex and while occupying all common areas within the facility. Masks are not required while engaged in exercise inside the building.

Additional Guidelines:

• Anyone in attendance should check for symptoms before leaving the house including a temperature check.

• Any individual with symptoms, or a temp over 100.4 degrees even if no other symptoms exist, should not enter OSC.

• Any person with close contact to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 should refrain from attending games or training and     should quarantine for at least 14 days.

• Good hand hygiene should occur before, during, and after all activities

• Players should not share any personal items including water bottles, training vests, towels, shin guards, tape, hairbands, etc.

• Players should bring their own hand sanitizer to the fields for use before, during and after the play.

• When arriving at the field, players should spread their personal belongings so as to keep proper social distance from each other. Do  not bring unnecessary items and come dressed and ready to play.

• Teams should leave the field immediately following games or practice.

• No handshakes or high fives.

• Warmup away from other teams or spectators, use your own equipment, and use other best practices during warmups.

• While on the bench, or not actively participating, players should wear masks. All players should have their own masks available during games and masks should never be shared.