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Facility Rules

Facility Rules

Everyone must have a current waiver on file before participating in any activity or league at the Omaha Sports Complex.

  • No Spitting within the Facility

  • No Slilding Allowed

  • No Swearing at any time

  • No Food/Beverages on the Playing Surface

  • No Metal Cleats within the Facility

  • Please use the East Entrance as a Vehicle Entrance. The West as an Exit.


Cancelations must be made 48 hours in advance of your booking.  Failure to to do so will require you to pay the full fee as booked.  
*Full Field, Multiple Event, Special Event &/or Peak booking terms vary and generally may not be canceled. Full Field and Special Event bookings require 50% deposit to reserve space.


Goals: Coaches, please return goals after every session, unless a team is taking the field after your session plans to use the goals and return them.  No players under U12 should be sent to place goals back or collect goals, safety first.  No hanging or playing with nets.


Field Time:  Please keep off the field until your scheduled time.  Parents are welcome to watch training but must do so from the front, coaches and athletes only on the turf. Coaches meetings with team/parents should be done off the field.


Pick Up & Drop Off:  Drop-off only is permitted in front lot.  In order to maintain traffic flow, NO PICK UP & NO WAITING is allowed in ANY drive lanes; please park for pick up.


Entry & Exit:  Please use Entry & Exit doors designed.


Damage: Any individual causing damage must pay in full for the damage before they will be allowed back into the facility.


Those who do not follow the Facility / League Rules will be asked to leave

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