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Omaha FC

Soccer Club

Omaha FC’s Culture-ONE Club and ONE Family
Each individual player is a member of the CLUB and will benefit from all club resources. We do not operate as a group of loosely connected teams following separate agendas. Player movement within Omaha FC is an important aspect for individual development as well as club culture. We strive to promote and provide a family environment within the club.

Omaha FC’s Philosophy
The Omaha FC philosophy is to develop individual players to fit into a team concept; the result is individual success and by extension team success. We strive to develop the complete individual through the game of soccer by providing the necessary resources in order to reach their potential, on and off the field. Specifically, Omaha FC will encourage a strong work ethic that develops technically proficient players, who combine to attack or defend as a team. Our training will be focused on creating game intelligence by developing individual playing techniques within the team concept. Our teams will be built to be confident and creative in possession, while being defensively organized without the ball.

Omaha FC’s Player Development Model
The OFC Player Development Model is the execution of the Omaha FC philosophy. The model consists of three levels/programs: Youth Development Program, Youth Academy and Recreation and/or Select. The goal of the model is to ensure that each stage is connected, thus giving ample opportunity to develop and progress within each level and smoothly transition throughout the system. The individual practical application of this model manifests itself in each player in three specific areas: technical mastery of the ball, tactical awareness (attacking and defending fundamental principles) and proper training habits.

14706 Giles Rd  Omaha, NE 68138

Tel: 402-896-4420

Fax: 402-896-1430

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